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Kitchen Fire Suppression Systems

New Equipment

Albany Fire Extinguisher is a trained and certified distributor of Amerex and Buckeye products including kitchen fire suppression systems. Our experienced staff is available to consult with you and design a system to meet your needs.

We offer design and installation of kitchen fire suppression systems to best protect your particular cooking environment, eliminating the potential for workplace hazards. From a small “pizza shop” or cafe hood system to a large commercial banquet facility, we will work with local code enforcement agencies and insurance representatives in order to ensure your restaurant fire systems meet all necessary requirements.

Albany NY Fire Suppression Systems

Service and Maintenance

Kitchen and industrial fire suppression systems are required to be inspected twice annually. We arrange a service visit every six months for those customers on a service schedule. A thorough inspection can help ensure that your system is in the proper condition to perform in the event of a fire. These inspections typically take approximately one hour, depending on the size of the system.

We will complete a 40-point checklist, inspect the system and detection network, install components that are required to be replaced and leave a report summarizing the inspection. Albany Fire Extinguisher’s technicians are trained and certified to inspect and maintain systems from Amerex, Ansul, Buckeye, Pyro-Chem, Range Guard, Protex and other manufacturers, and are regularly attending in-service training to maintain and improve their skills.

Is your current vendor in and out in 20 minutes? We wonder how they can do that. You should too. Contact us to have one of our trained and certified technicians inspect your system.

Fuel Island Fire Suppression

Albany Fire Extinguisher is certified in servicing fuel island fire suppression systems for bus garages, transportation departments, highway garages and auto dealerships. New York State code requires that these systems be inspected every six months. Having your systems serviced means peace of mind and knowing that your system is in working condition and ready in the event of a fire. Contact us to make an appointment to get your fuel island system serviced now!

Fuel Island Fire Suppression Systems Albany NY
Albany Fire Extinguisher

Paint Spray Booth Systems

Paint spray booths are classified as special fire hazards and may be required to be equipped with a fire suppression system. Albany Fire Extinguisher can inspect and make repairs to your dry chemical suppression system. These inspections are required every six months and you can be set up on a service schedule so that you won’t need to remember to call us.


Albany Fire Extinguisher is your source for accessories for your fire suppression systems. Contact us if you need accessories for your suppression system including hood filters, light globes, gas valves, micro switches, reset relays, pull station guards, and Class K kitchen extinguishers.

What Our Clients Say

Not only did the AFE service tech do a great job, but then the president of the company visited our facility for a quality assurance audit. AFE brought things to our attention that our previous vendor had failed to mention at any point during the course of a 10-year relationship

Pete Femia, Clear View Bag

From time to time, you work with a vendor that really stands out in their field and is a professional. Your company does fall into that category in our relationship. Thank you for the outstanding job you do in maintaining our fire extinguishers and the professionalism your people bring to this task.

Hannay Reels, Walt Scram, Facility Manager

We have partnered with AFE for more than 20 years. We rely on them to ensure all of our locations are properly protected so we can focus on our customers. Their technicians are professional, courteous and thorough. They deliver a quality customer service experience and are an organization that we can rely on to get the job done. Safety is one of our company’s key focuses and having AFE as a partner helps us all breathe a little easier.”

Walt Hartl, District Manager, Hoffman Car Wash / Hoffman Development

I am responsible for safety and maintenance at over 20 facilities and the confidence that I have in your company gives me peace of mind and makes my job easier. I appreciate your prompt response to service requests, the punctuality with which scheduled maintenance is performed and your competitive pricing.

Tony Catalfamo, Director of Operations & Maintenance, City School District of Albany

For over 10 years, we have counted on the professionals at Albany Fire Extinguisher to protect our business. In addition, we have referred their services to many of our clients, all of whom have experienced exceptional service, reliability and professionalism. From their office staff to the service technicians, this is a local business you can count on.

John A. Zongrone, John R. Zongrone Insurance Agency
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