More and more companies are upgrading their fire protection equipment and switching to clean agents.

For starters: what is a “clean agent”? It is an extinguishing agent that will not damage delicate equipment or leave a harmful residue after discharge. Thus, clean agents are the ideal choice as office fire extinguishers for protection of data storage rooms, IT equipment (computers, servers, etc.), artwork/antiques, electronics of any variety and so on.

These extinguishing agents offer plenty of other benefits too.

Office fire prevention systems that use clean agents:

  • work quickly and effectively
  • are non-conductive and non-corrosive—meaning they are safe to use on electrically charged equipment and will not damage electronics, mechanical devices, art, etc.
  • are generally safe to use around people and do not present any health hazards.
  • Leave little or no residue behind, meaning no costly clean-up, as would be associated with other types of extinguishers.

If the environment you are trying to protect has sensitive equipment or other items in it, like computer servers, valuable equipment or artwork, then clean agent fire extinguishers are the ideal choice.

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