It’s National Safety Month and with the start of summer, now is a great time to brush up on your home fire safety knowledge. Simple activities and plans help to keep you prepared and safe in the event of a home fire. Plus, the steps that you take to prepare can significantly minimize the damage and overall loss of property, making it easier to recover.

Fire is one of the greatest risks every homeowner faces. Your home is your sanctuary – a place not only where you sleep but where you create memories with family and hold all of your most important belongings. Use the tips below to keep up the good fight against home fires.

  • Always have working smoke detectors in the home. Check them regularly and replace batteries as needed. Smoke alarm units should be replaced every 10 years regardless of if they still appear to be working. The sensors tend to go bad after several years.
  • Fire extinguishers are essential in the home. Invest in properly rated fire extinguishers and keep enough strategically placed throughout your home for easy accessibility.
  • Keep up with routine maintenance and inspections. Consider reaching out to a professional fire extinguisher company, like Albany Fire Extinguisher, to help you perform these tasks and stay on a regular schedule.
  • Create and practice a home evacuation plan. Have more than one escape route from any room in your house, if possible. Choose one meeting spot that each and every family member is aware of.
  • Practice makes perfect. Make sure to practice your evacuation plan often. Fire drills are not just for schools, those same initiatives to keep kids safe in school can keep your family safe at home.
  • Carry the right homeowners insurance. If all else fails and you suffer an unfortunate property loss, having insurance will help make the recovery process easier. Cover your belongings and structure, don’t skimp out on coverage for lower premiums. Your savings on the front end can be devastating on the backend.
  • Keep visitors informed of your home safety plans, especially if they are staying for an extended period. Make sure they are ware of fire extinguisher locations, all exits in the home and the one meeting spot that is in your evacuation plan.
  • Consider investing in a home security system. Not only do these systems protect against theft, they can also monitor the home for smoke and fire. They can be directly linked to a home security monitoring team or the emergency response systems; providing a faster response time from local first responders.
  • Think smart when it comes to outdoor fire pits and cooking grills. Always keep them away from structures and beware of placing them under tree limbs and overhanging plants. Embers can float and easily start greenery and property on fire.

Fire safety is a huge part of overall home safety. Make sure your home and family are protected. Keep up on your fire safety efforts and make sure to keep your fire extinguishers in good working order. Hopefully you will never need to use them, but keeping them maintained drastically reduces the chances of a malfunction in a time of need. Be diligent during National Safety Month and have peace of mind all summer long.