When it comes to fire protection for commercial buildings, mistakes  must be avoided. If an error is made in fire protection, serious and irreversible damage can occur to the building itself and the contents within. Building occupants can also be placed in harm’s way should a flaw in the fire protection plan occur. In order to keep your commercial building safe, consider the following dos and don’ts within fire protection.


Fire and smoke alarms are the  alert mechanisms for commercial buildings when a fire occurs.

Dos include:

  • Ensuring the alarm system is regularly inspected in line with regulation
  • Maintaining documentation surrounding alarm activity and maintenance
  • Testing your alarm system regularly to ensure proper function
  • Creating an action plan for building residents for when the alarm is set off

Don’ts include:

  • Downplaying or brushing off the need to have regular maintenance and testing for your fire alarm system

Extinguishers and Suppression Systems

Extinguishers can be used by individuals to manage small fires while suppression systems can help prevent serious damage on a larger scale.

Dos include:

  • Conducting regular  inspections to ensure proper function and pressure
  • Scheduling routine maintenance through  qualified service agents
  • Storing extinguishers in a clear and open space that makes them easily accessible
  • Providing proper training for occupants

Don’ts include:

  • Putting off regularly scheduled inspections and tests
  • Neglecting to train occupants on proper extinguisher use and handling
  • Keeping extinguishers in an area that is cluttered, difficult to get to, or  subject to damage or corrosion


In the case of emergencies like a fire, emergency and exit lights should be available in order to provide occupants with a safe pathway from the building.

Dos include:

  • Conducting regular inspections throughout the building to provide effective lighting and exit marking  in all occupied areas
  • Scheduling regular maintenance and  testing by experienced personnel

Don’ts include:

  •  Assuming battery backup systems will function properly without proper maintenance and repair.

Fire Protection with Albany Fire

At Albany Fire Extinguisher, we offer an array of  solutions to keep commercial buildings safe. Our trained technicians will work with you to determine which system is best for your business, and we will also help install and maintain the  equipment for your commercial building.