As a business owner in the greater Capital Region, it’s important to follow fire extinguisher inspection guidelines. Also a State code requirement, the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) has established these guidelines to help protect business owners, employees and customers from the deadly effects of fire.

First, the NFPA requires monthly fire extinguisher inspections, which you can complete yourself.

While these steps are important for ensuring your fire extinguishers remain at the ready in case of a fire, they are not a substitute for professional maintenance. After all, the NFPA also requires annual  fire extinguisher  service, done by trained professionals.

Contrary to common thought, an annual fire extinguisher inspection doesn’t involve   operating and recharging the extinguisher. After all, this would expel its firefighting contents and require a costly recharge. Most fire extinguishers do not require recharging annually.    It is required, however, that most extinguishers undergo maintenance that involves a discharge once every 5 to 6 years.

Fire Extinguisher Maintenance Checklist

When you hire a professional to conduct a formal fire extinguisher inspection, the inspector will:

  1. Check for proper sizes, types, quantity and placement of fire extinguishers. Ensure that each fire extinguisher is properly mounted, conspicuously located, not obstructed by objects and readily available for use in case of a fire.
  2. Make sure the instruction label is legible and facing outward.
  3. Check to be sure the extinguisher is fully pressurized +/or at its full charged weight. Make sure the fire extinguisher hose is intact and free from obstruction.
  4. Operate the pull pin or locking device and install a new tamper seal. Check for dents, corrosion or other signs of damage.
  5. Look for any modifications to the fire extinguisher that could possibly reduce its functionality.
  6. Verify that the extinguisher is current on all internal maintenance and pressure testing requirements.
  7. Attach an updated tag or label as a record of proper maintenance.

Fire Extinguisher Inspections In the Greater Capital Region

Check the dates on the tags hanging from the fire extinguishers in your building. If they indicate more than a year has passed since the last professional inspection, contact Albany Fire Extinguisher today.

As an experienced fire protection company for three generations, you know you can trust our knowledgeable service professionals to bring your fire extinguisher inspections up to date.